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Entry Handles, Pulls and Glass Installation Dallas TX

Your front door is so much more than just a block of wood, steel, or iron. The intricate design provides durability and security as well as good looks. For convenience and ease of use, we also provide entry handles, pulls, and glass installation in Dallas, TX. Your new door will be the complete package!

Entry Handles

A brand-new entry handle for your front door will provide increased security and elegance. With countless designs and styles available, an entry handle will enhance the look of your iron door.

Here at Iron door Experts, we offer Weslock entry handles – we trust in their quality and durability!


A pull is a secondary option to better secure your iron front door. You can use a pull in conjunction with a deadbolt or roller catcher to ensure your home is safe from intruders. Furthermore, a pull can help keep your door in top condition year-round!


There’s something about a front door with double-paned tempered glass. It’s an elegant aesthetic that cements itself in your memory. Here at Iron Door Experts, we can install any style of glass you prefer in your new door. The interior pane is made of Low E clear glass, and we have a wide variety of popular glass options, including satin and sandblast.

Quality of The Product

Every entry handle, every pull, and every glass pane is designed with quality in mind. Here at Iron Door Experts, we believe in offering the best product possible. As such, our team will thoroughly test every aspect of your door, from top to bottom, to ensure quality.

Why We Are the Best

There are a number of reasons why people choose Iron Door Experts. Is it because of our attention to detail? Our exceptional prices? What about our focus on quality above quantity? It’s all of these fantastic reasons!

For top-rated custom entry handles, pulls, and glass in Dallas, TX, contact Iron Door Experts today!

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